HR & Workflow

A Summary of Features

Special Features

Allows to Create, Edit, View, Delete Employees. Detail emplyee information including, personal particulars, emplyment history, qualification contacts and appraisals.

Fixed Salary and CPF ammount are retrieved and calculated. Allows to add in information such as Allowance, Overtime, Transportation, Other. Calculate pro-rata salary with the specified number of working days for the month and number of days worked.

Access Rights
Username and password protected access rights for individual employees to perform specified operations.

  • Employee details including Particulars, Employment History, Qualification and Appraisals as well as Username and Password for compuer operations.
  • Set up of computer access rights.
  • Set up of CPF Rates for employee and employer portions.
  • Monthly Payroll and Pro-Rata Payroll calculation.
  • Payroll history of individual Employee.
  • Standard CPF reports for concerned authority.
  • Complete set of Employee information keeping.
  • All reports and forms can be customized.